Silverman Consulting professionals bring a unique combination of managerial and financial experience along with strong interpersonal skills to each engagement. Without question, it is our over 200 years of combined industry experience that allows us to quickly understand our clients’ facts and identify their underlying inefficiencies.  It is our emphasis on communication that enables us to effectively work with our clients’ management teams to help them look at their business in a different light and make the needed changes to return to profitability.

We have found through our experience that in order to achieve the highest level of success on an engagement, both consultant and client must strike a balance between sometimes contradictory motivations:

  • To be tenacious in the face of adversity, yet remain objective and prudent in judgment;
  • To respect the tradition of the business while being willing to change what does not work;
  • To practice diplomacy and tact, yet take a tough, no nonsense approach when necessary;
  • To demand a detailed accounting of affairs, while maintaining a global perspective;
  • To be a staunch advocate of the company, but preserve intellectual honesty and integrity;
  • To be an enthusiastic team player, but retain enough independence to be an agent of change; and
  • To remain optimistic about the future, but realistic enough to confront difficult issues and make hard decisions.

Over the past 30 years and 700 plus engagements, Silverman Consulting has learned how to maintain this delicate balance while energetically fighting for our clients’ best interests. We believe that this is what differentiates us from others in our field and, as our track record shows, it works.