The aerospace and defense industry is comprised of a wide array of business sectors that manufacture products such as aircraft, spacecraft, watercraft, weaponry, and related information systems.  Whether dealing on a domestic or international level, the U.S. A&D industry faces unique challenges related to growing global competition, increased innovation, and heavy federal government involvement.  As new and emerging countries continue to enter the market, foreign competition has never been higher.  Along with increased global competition, technological advancements and innovation continue to drive product demand throughout the industry.  Notwithstanding these market pressures, domestic A&D companies also face unique challenges caused by the heavy involvement of the U.S. Federal Government – unique in that the A&D industry continues to face strict government regulation as well as demand shifts largely influenced by wild swings in Federal Government spending.

Facing the myriad of new challenges posed to the U.S. A&D industry, companies must combat these pressures through innovation of their own.  Navigating these challenges includes not only the identification of new revenue growth opportunities but also the implementation of cost reduction strategies to remain financially stable.

Silverman Consulting has assisted numerous companies throughout the aerospace and defense industry, including everything from the development of profit enhancement strategies and cost reduction initiatives, implementation of liquidity management tools and techniques, as well as identifying debt restructuring opportunities.  These services have spanned a multitude of sectors within the A&D space including commercial and governmental agencies and military and defense contractors.