The automotive industry has proven to be an extremely dynamic and cost competitive space. The trend towards an increasingly more global focus only increases the need for a business to be nimble, responsive and creative in their approach to this ever-changing landscape.

Silverman Consulting’s team of experienced professionals understands these dynamics and has worked with Tier I, II and III manufacturers, distributors and service providers to develop and implement meaningful strategic plans. Our efforts are focused on reducing costs, developing a well-thought-out short and long-term strategy and improving efficiencies. Ultimately, our objectives are directed towards increasing profitability within a company.

Strategic Planning
     •    Work with management to identify a company’s core strengths while challenging the organization to find creative solutions in areas where the company has                  opportunities for improvement.
     •    Review customer and product profitability to better understand where profits are being made and lost in an effort to allocate company resources to the right                  initiatives.
     •    Assist in strategic merger and acquisition initiatives in order to leverage people and assets to create long-term growth plans.

Profit Maximization Initiatives
     •    Analyze supply chain costs, manufacturing labor efficiencies, machine utilization and transportation costs to minimize costs and increase throughput.
     •    Improve bottom line profits through elimination of supply chain bottlenecks, manufacturing footprint optimization and initiating zero-based budgeting initiatives              based on the reconfigured entity.
     •    Evaluate company performance against benchmarked metrics and develop flash reporting to track improved performance over time.

 Balance Sheet Restructuring
     •    Silverman Consulting has vast experience assisting companies to improve working capital cycles, refinance and/or restructure debt and complete                                 recapitalization initiatives.