The distribution and packaging industry is responsible for the delivery, packaging and display of goods all around the country. At a time when input costs are on the rise and global competition has increased tremendously, companies in this space are trying to maximize product line performance while cutting costs to increase profitability. During these challenging times, a company can benefit from an advisor who has extensive experience assisting companies facing similar issues. Our experienced consultants have helped guide hundreds of troubled companies through tough liquidity patches and our team has also focused on successful companies by helping them increase profitability, analyze new opportunities and refine their core business strategy.

Over the course of the last 40 years, Silverman Consulting professionals have provided assistance to distribution and packaging companies in many areas, including the development of pricing strategies, improving supply chain efficiencies and costs, operating cost reduction initiatives, debt restructurings, refinancing initiatives, liquidity plans and strategic mergers and acquisitions. More specifically, we have also worked with companies on improving supply chain constraints in China and other foreign markets, improving profitability with big-box retailers and assisting in the creation of new products and services aimed at increasing revenue.