The educational space has grown more competitive over the years as new charter, specialty, online, trade and for-profit schools have entered the arena. Advancements in technology have provided educational firms with an easier and more efficient way to connect with their constituents and allowed for an explosion of educational content. However, this has also increased competition as firms no longer need a geographical presence in order to serve a desired target market. With all the challenges listed above as well as global competition, educational firms need to manage their human capital and infrastructure costs better to ensure sustainability.

Our experienced team of consultants takes a hands-on approach to give your organization the flexibility it needs to overcome any challenge. We work collaboratively with management to determine the proper course of action and implement meaningful change while ensuring your brand presence is as strong as it can possibly be.

At Silverman Consulting, we understand that educational companies must continue to innovate and expand their market reach while effectively managing overhead costs in order to be successful. Our skilled team of consultants is well prepared to assist you by providing many of the services listed below.

  • Product Offering Review
  • Fixed G&A Expense Rationalization
  • Variable Cost Analysis
  • Revenue Enhancement Initiatives
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Capital Expenditure Review
  • Real Estate Portfolio Review
  • Back-Office Support Review
  • Content and Supplier Analysis
  • Merger, Acquisition or Divestiture Analysis