The past two decades have seen both explosive growth and debilitating volatility in energy markets. Subsequently, the industry has endured considerable turmoil and brought about a need to revisit old business practices.  At the same time, companies large and small have experienced a great deal of change with respect to environmental regulations and demands.  As the energy and environment sectors evolve, so too must the companies that serve them.

Silverman Consulting is well-versed in helping its clients handle changing environments. We have vast experience in handling cyclical consumer demand and navigating new industry regulations.  This is particularly important for highly regulated, capital intensive and long-term ROI markets like the energy sector.  Long-term budgeting and strategic planning, assessing proper asset valuations and determining the best projects to invest in will help a company reach its full potential.

Our experienced consultants help companies navigate sudden business challenges and build long-term strategic plans to help mitigate the impact of future adverse changes and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. We can help analyze potential merger or acquisition opportunities as well as assess proper asset allocation and recommend the necessary changes to ultimately increase operational efficiencies and profitability.