The financial services industry has been under heightened scrutiny since the Great Recession of the late 2000s. Beset by increasing regulation, capital requirements and net interest margin compression, these companies have had to implement vast changes to stay ahead of the curve and remain profitable. Additionally, industry consolidation has and will likely be a driving force of change into the foreseeable future, forcing companies to evaluate their strategic options and devise new operating procedures. Facing an uncertain future, financial service companies would benefit from having a strategic partner and advisor by their side. Our experienced consultants at Silverman Consulting have led many successful financial service transformations over the past 40 years.

Our process is developed exclusively for your company by working with management to understand the specific issues your institution faces. We focus on creating operational efficiencies while identifying cost reduction options and capital plans that work for your company. Furthermore, we have worked intimately with the FDIC, Federal Reserve and other Regulatory agencies on appropriate capital requirements and reporting procedures to ensure a brighter future for our clients. These clients have included small and large regional banks, specialty finance companies, trading firms and other niche financial institutions.

Below is a high-level description of many tasks we have performed for our financial services clients:

•    Active Executive Management Roles (CEO/CFO/COO) 
•    Board of Directors Communication and Business Planning
•    CALL Reporting
•    Capital Planning
•    Cash Flow Modeling
•    Commercial Lending Operational Assessment
•    Employment Searches
•    Expense Reductions
•    FDIC Compliance and Communication
•    Federal Reserve Compliance and Communication
•    Financial Budgeting and Forecasting
•    Fixed Asset Sales
•    Investment Banking Opportunities (Buy/Sell)
•    Loan Loss Provision Assessment
•    Loan Portfolio Assessment
•    Other Real Estate Owned (OREO) Strategic Planning
•    Refinancing of Current & Long-Term Debt
•    Residential Lending Operational Assessment
•    Risk Assessment and Mitigation
•    Senior Lender Communication
•    Shareholder Communication
•    Special Asset Management and Reduction Efforts