The food processing and manufacturing industry is comprised of canneries, fish and meat packing plants, slaughterhouses, dairy producers, fruit and vegetable processors, and other food-related companies whose products can be found in supermarkets around the country. The continued threat of increased global competition, fluctuating commodity prices and regulatory constraints have forced companies to take an intimate look at ways to increase profitability in order to stay ahead of the curve. Recent technological advances, such as automation of manufacturing processes, have led to better operational efficiencies. As food processing and manufacturing companies continue to navigate this uncertain environment, a company could benefit from an advisor at their side who understands these challenges.

Our experienced team at Silverman Consulting has over 40 years of experience helping companies in these specific industries navigate liquidity concerns and improve profitability. Along with management input, our efforts are intended to help improve energy efficiency, minimize waste, decrease labor costs, improve operational efficiencies and increase your revenue streams. In addition, we can help your company build a financial forecast and cash flow projections to assess whether proper business decisions are being made.

We have had the pleasure of assisting numerous companies in the food processing and manufacturing space, including: meat/chicken/pig farms and processors, canned and frozen vegetable processors, egg and dairy product producers and confectionary and nut processors.