Plagued by operational inefficiencies and rising healthcare, pension and long-term debt expenses, government institutions and local municipalities have been forced to stretch their resources to the limit. With constituents demanding an uncompromised level of service, governmental institutions must become strategic problem-solvers in order to effectively navigate these impending crises. As today’s issues are a culmination of past bad decisions, our knowledgeable team at Silverman Consulting focuses on long-term strategic solutions that will immediately benefit your institution without sacrificing its bright future.

Our experienced team at Silverman Consulting takes a hands-on, tactical approach to solving the problems that limit your institution from achieving optimal operational efficiency. Whether facing budget-related constraints or navigating sensitive issues like employee labor relations, our consultants are experts in helping governmental institutions plan for a brighter future. Some of our services include:

•    Asset Sales and Other Cash Generating Actions
•    Constituent Communication
•    Creditor Communication and Negotiation
•    Crisis Management
•    Debt Restructuring Assessment
•    Emergency Action Plans
•    Expense Reductions
•    Forecasting and Budgeting
•    Healthcare Expense Assessment
•    Infrastructure Assessment
•    Insolvency Assessment and Bankruptcy Options
•    Pension Review
•    Revenue and Taxation Assessment
•    Senior Lender Communication
•    Strategic Planning