Over the years, many of Silverman Consulting's clients have been associated with the ‘rust belt’. When we think of the ‘rust belt’, we think of the many businesses in the industrial heartland of America involved in heavy industry. These types of businesses led the successful industrialization of the country in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Today, heavy industry is defined by commodity extractors and converters and manufacturers of industrial and transportation equipment, among many others.

In our experience, while an industry may be considered part of the “rust belt”, that doesn’t mean it has become obsolete. With assistance from our experienced consultants, we have found that the engineering and manufacturing proficiency our clients possess, once re-focused on profitable products and customers, is most often enough to return an enterprise to profitability.

At Silverman Consulting, we have led the successful turnaround of many heavy industry companies, such as:

•    Steel Producers and Steel Service Centers
•    Non-Ferrous Smelters and Converters
•    Heavy Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors
•    Piping and Tubing Manufacturers (Oil Sector)
•    Tower Manufacturers (Telecom)
•    Manufacturers of Environmental Containment Systems
•    Power Plant Builders
•    Trailer Manufacturers
•    Die-Casters and Forging Operations
•    Firetruck Manufacturers
•    Gear Manufacturers