The Hospitality, Gaming, and Leisure (or "HGL") industry is comprised of a wide array of businesses ranging from travel advisory firms, hotels and casinos to restaurants and other leisure-oriented companies. Although each face a multitude of challenges specific to its sector, the HGL industry as a whole remains one of the fastest growing industries today. An industry so closely tied to the overall health of the national economy, HGL businesses are highly dependent on the discretionary spending of the end consumer. Such cyclicality, coupled with the highly capital intensive nature of the industry, forces business owners to continuously prepare for the challenges they will encounter down the road.

Silverman Consulting has worked with numerous clients in the HGL industry to help overcome many of these issues.  Whether its developing financial projections, prepare an organization for the next economic swing or helping it work through current staffing requirements, Silverman Consulting has provided numerous companies with the necessary assistance to best position them for the future. We have worked with clients to develop and implement profit enhancement strategies, evaluate project and investment opportunities, identify cost reduction initiatives, perform market analyses, prepare financial budgets and forecasts and implement liquidity management tools.