The media and entertainment industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation which significantly impacts every segment of this industry.  The transformation is driven by a growing number of connected consumers, exponential adoption of social-networking and online content access platforms, expansion of mobile telephony and elevated penetration of broadband networks. As the transformation continues, it is redefining business models for companies in television, film, music, advertising, publishing, and recreational entertainment. Silverman Consulting has extensive experience in creating new strategic plans to keep companies competitive and profitable.

As for the industry, content is becoming commoditized and integrated into multiple delivery platforms, consumers have more power, more choice, and evolving preferences, and digital share of media and entertainment spend is growing to the detriment of traditional media companies.  While the move towards digital platforms has lowered barriers to entry, increased competition, and made the overall business environment challenging for traditional media companies, further uncertainty around choosing the right technology and platform in the future is also increasing. Media companies of the future must make savvy technological and business decisions to maximize their value proposition and economic interests.

Silverman Consulting has provided management consulting and advisory services to a variety of companies in the media and entertainment industry, including media content creators, television and broadcasting stations, media storage manufacturers and distributors, advertising agencies, billboard marketing agencies, water park resorts, and gaming and other recreational companies.

With our vast experience in this space, we help owners and senior management restore and improve profitability and address structural business challenges. We focus on revenue optimization, cost-structure improvements, liquidity and cash flow management, merger and acquisition advisory, strategic business model realignment and general restructuring advisory.