Healthcare seems to be on the front page of every news outlet today.  Our current regulatory environment and the rate at which oversight continues to change has considerable consequences for all businesses. Furthermore, the intricacies of conducting business in medical or healthcare sectors demand more of a company’s resources to accommodate these changing parameters. Depending on the situation, intermediaries, insurance companies and government entities all have varying amounts of influence on the way companies do business.

Our experienced team at Silverman Consulting helps companies overcome the changing regulatory environment we see today to improve profitability and properly manage liquidity. We can provide valuable services such as validating the current business model as well as creating cash flow projections to ensure a company has the proper liquidity to navigate near-term issues. We also can help your team with strategic planning to ensure lasting success.

Silverman Consulting has worked with an impressive array of past healthcare clients, from large hospitals and medical device suppliers to small pharmacies and medical device manufacturers.  Our extensive background in the healthcare industry has proven valuable to our clients time and again.