Not-for-profit organizations face special challenges as they work to improve communities through their given mission statement. By definition, outside funding support is critical to the success of these organizations. The challenge is that these outside funding sources can ebb and flow with the economy, government budget constraints and a number of other variables that may have little or no relationship to the actual need for the service being provided. During a funding downturn, organizations need to be flexible and creative in order to continue to have the financial wherewithal to continue their mission.

Silverman Consulting understands these dynamics and has successfully helped numerous not-for-profit organizations to navigate through challenging times and keep their mission alive. Our firm has a special relationship with not-for-profits who do so much for our local communities. We have assisted many local and national organizations in areas, such as:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Schools
  • Abuse Centers
  • Community Support Services
  • Non-Profit Television Stations (Local and Regional)

Each organization has its own specific circumstances, and Silverman Consulting has assisted with everything from the development of liquidity plans, fundraising strategies, cost reduction initiatives to debt restructurings, refinancing initiatives and identifying strategic partnership opportunities. Each project is undertaken with an understanding that the ultimate goal is to allow the stated mission to survive and grow.