Process industries deal exclusively with manufacturing recipes and formulas for end products. More specifically, the focus is on the ingredients, formulas and bulk materials that make up consumer and industrial goods. These types of activities are common in the biotechnology, chemical, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical production segments. Similarly, these verticals may be responsible for a number of products, such as: adhesives, aluminum and steel, cleaning materials, cosmetics, food and food additives, fragrances, juices and sodas, lubricants, paints and numerous textiles.

Often used by the agriculture, aerospace, automotive, food, manufacturing and textile industries, the products created by these process-oriented companies are vital to the US economy. Given this importance, a company could benefit from having an advisor by its side to help create and lead strategic initiatives and identify profitability improvement plans.

At Silverman Consulting, we take an active role with management to identify expense reductions, profitability improvement ideas and operational efficiencies. Once we help to identify concepts that work for your firm, we walk with you through the execution phase to ensure your business becomes more efficient and effective.

Our consultants will help you with the following tasks, just to name a few: budgeting and forecasting, refinancing and/or debt restructuring, cost reduction initiatives, product life-cycle assessment, revenue enhancement opportunities, strategic planning, operational efficiency improvement and staffing requirements.