The human capital industry is very complex and brings a host of management and profitability issues not found in many other industries. With minimum wage levels on the rise, the benefits landscape changing constantly and the need to maintain a trained and qualified work force, professional and temporary staffing companies are forced to assess their current business model in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Silverman Consulting professionals have decades of experience assisting companies in professional and temporary staffing, from security guards to accounting temps, as well as manufacturing and distribution staffing.  Our experience allows us to understand the cultural dynamics but, equally important, the costs related to this business and the need to maintain utilization of staff.

Market Assessment
Silverman Consulting can understand market dynamics to assist in developing a strategic plan that will help focus the company on customers or industries that are more profitable, as well as take advantage of market dynamics to enhance pricing or reduce costs.  In addition, professional and temporary staffing companies often have contracts with their customers. Invariably, some of these contracts are far more advantageous to the customer.  Silverman Consulting has extensive experience in negotiating those contracts in a manner that allows everyone to win.

As with any service company, utilization of the staff is paramount to maintaining a profitable enterprise.  Silverman Consulting can independently determine utilization, the optimal level to achieve and assist management in structuring its business model around the market’s need for your services versus what can be provided. Ultimately, our goal is to keep your company profitable and use our expertise and understanding of human capital to maximize profitability in a long-term, sustainable fashion.