Real estate is comprised of both residential and commercial sectors as well as specific interests like home builders, brokerages, leasing and management organizations. Each of these is closely tied to the overall productivity of the local economy. Fundamental changes in a variety of factors ranging from interest rates and population shifts to employment levels, availability of capital, government regulation and real estate supply levels can all have substantial impact on the real estate market. Many of these factors have the potential to disrupt your organization’s business plan, so it can be beneficial to have a consultant by your side to help you navigate these complex issues.

Every company within the industry faces its own set of circumstances and challenges which often require time-intensive review and analysis. With almost 40 years of experience, Silverman Consulting can provide the knowledge and guidance necessary to overcome these challenges in order for your company to achieve long-term success. We can help assess buying/selling opportunities, create cash flow projections, conduct buy-vs.-rent analyses, negotiate leases and help you understand the impact that real estate will have on your long-term strategic plan.