The retail industry is defined as the process of selling consumer goods and/or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution.  Demand is created through diverse target markets and promotional tactics, satisfying consumer’s wants and needs through a lean supply chain. What was once a straightforward, person-to-person interaction of providing goods or services directly to the consumer, the retail industry has evolved into a complex, digital world that allows for substantially greater market participants, reduced barriers to entry, and ultimately increasing market pressure and competition. As the world of online shopping, digital marketplaces, and unprecedented consumer connectivity becomes the new norm, the retailer is left to understand and identify these consumer shifts while continuing to outpace its competition by being at the forefront of market innovation.

Silverman Consulting has worked extensively with clients within the retail space across numerous sectors, ranging from service providers and clothing stores to sports equipment stores and firearm retailers.  Our professionals have worked to assist clients with the development of pricing strategies, cost reduction initiatives, debt restructurings, refinancing initiatives, liquidity plans and strategic mergers.