When companies are facing financial distress, often times the situation has already reached crisis mode.  In these types of cases, our clients have found it advantageous to employ Silverman Consulting as the Chief Officer or CRO.  As CRO, we typically report to the Board of Directors but still work side-by-side with management to find the source of the crisis and right the ship.  One of the many advantages to our clients of having a CRO is that implementation of the turnaround plan can be more immediate and timely, creating more staying power for the organization.

In the event that the situation is an emergency and an insolvency proceeding is necessary, Silverman Consulting can guide your company through such a process in its capacity as CRO.  Whether or not an insolvency proceeding is necessary, as CRO, Silverman Consulting can effectively communicate and work with all stakeholders to achieve the most optimal outcome for all involved.