As part of our effort to help healthy companies grow and prosper, we often find ourselves in discussions with ownership or management about how to accelerate revenue and profits. One of the possible ways to accomplish this is through the deployment of capital to purchase another business. In this instance, we would serve as the M&A advisor to a company and/or individual looking for potential acquisition opportunities. As part of that process, Silverman Consulting would identify potential targets, perform due diligence, provide valuation services and negotiate the pricing and structure of the final deal. Given our broad experience across many different industries and our extensive network of information sources, we can help your company find an acquisition that best fits your given criteria.

Much of our expertise is in the identification of potential opportunities, financial modeling, valuation and negotiation portion of the process. Ensuring you understand the financial circumstances of the desired business and the implications of integrating it into the existing business is extremely important. We can also provide valuation estimates based on a variety of methods, including discounted cash flow, along with sensitivities to outline the risks of any transaction. Ultimately, we work hand-in-hand with ownership and/or management to ensure you know what you are purchasing and how it can add the most value to your company.