Growth can be an exciting thing for a business owner. Conversely, needing more capital to weather seasonal demand or to invest in additional equipment can be a confusing process. When faced with the need for more capital, the thought of giving up ownership or taking on additional debt can seem daunting. Furthermore, a capital raise can involve many different people or organizations and take on many forms, such as debt vs. equity, family and friends, banks and traditional lenders, crowd funding, investment companies and angel investors. With such complexity and uncertainty around every corner, Silverman Consulting is here to help you through the process so you can be assured you get the best possible deal available.

Our seasoned professionals at Silverman Consulting have been helping clients raise capital for their businesses for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on getting to know the unique needs of our clients so we can recommend the best possible pricing, structure and provider available. Our team will model the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow impacts of different scenarios so that you can understand the positives and negatives with each structure. Additionally, we will ensure you get the amount of capital you need to achieve your goals. This is important in order to avoid excessive interest expense unwarranted equity dilution. Our team will help you work through these issues and identify the best provider of capital for your needs.