When a company hits a financial rough patch, one of the most important dynamics to understand is what will happen to cash flow in the next few months. Companies are left to ponder how bad will it get, how much money is needed and how long will the downturn last? These are critical questions that need to be understood by management as well as supporting stakeholders such as the owners, lenders and vendors. 

Silverman Consulting recognizes that understanding cash flow is a critical step in a company’s ultimate journey of returning to profitability. The professionals at Silverman Consulting are adept at quickly getting the financial facts and presenting them in a meaningful way to highlight operational and financial requirements such as funding payroll and real estate taxes or building inventory for peak sales demand.

Our cash flow modeling tool not only defines the forecasted cash sources and uses on a weekly basis, but also rolls forward critical balance sheet items such as accounts receivable, inventory, vendor payables and revolving debt in order to bridge the implied gain/loss. We find this helps stakeholders clearly understand why the cash forecast is depicting what it is and the implications of these findings to the organization. This financial tool can then be used as a means to garner the necessary funding from stakeholders to operate the business during this critical time.