From our point of view, many companies in financial distress resort to bankruptcy when deferral or avoidance may be far more productive for all parties involved.  Filing for protection under Chapter 11 is always an option, but one that we believe should be considered carefully and exercised judiciously. In many instances, a bankruptcy can be avoided by taking the appropriate restructuring measures.

Silverman Consulting is experienced in guiding restructuring efforts in or out of a court-supervised environment.  When reorganization is appropriate, we view bankruptcy as a means to an end, but not as an end in itself.  A successful reorganization is one in which the restructuring efforts do not take a back seat to legal proceedings.  The skillful implementation of a restructuring plan which reverses operating losses and creates credible projections for lenders and creditors can provide the entire basis of a Chapter 11 alternative.

We have helped guide numerous clients through the Chapter 11 process.  We understand that speed, effective communication and attention to the concerns of all interested parties, as well as the technical requirements of the bankruptcy process, are critical components of a successful reorganization.  Our experience enables us to focus on managing the bankruptcy process, from the initial planning stage all the way through plan confirmation, while at the same time keeping our clients focused on the restructuring plan and managing their business.

In addition to reorganizations, we have assisted many clients in selling their companies through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process.  In these instances, we have worked alongside the company’s outside advisors as well as provided investment banking services to effectuate a successful transaction.