Creditors and lenders are key stakeholders of any business. Developing and maintaining strong relationships with these important constituents is vital for the long-term viability of a business, especially in restructuring situations. A well-devised restructuring plan exhibits the tools and skills management possesses to fulfill its obligations towards lenders and creditors. A cash flow forecast is often the focal point of a restructuring plan which, in addition to fostering communication with lenders and creditors, serves as an operating tool for management. Successful implementation of any restructuring plan requires effective and timely communication with lenders and creditors to obtain their “buy-in”.

At Silverman Consulting, our professionals have extensive experience in building and communicating robust, fact-based, restructuring plans. We evaluate and prioritize all options available to our clients, including cost reduction initiatives, reorganizations, and recapitalizations. Our greatest strength in creditor management is our expertise in conveying to lenders and creditors how their support during the restructuring process is in their best interest and that of our clients.