Here at Silverman Consulting, we know that every insolvency case is tough for all parties involved. Our team of skilled professionals has over 80 years of experience dealing with the most challenging insolvency issues. Our ultimate goal is to maximize value for each stakeholder. In the past, we have successfully helped companies restructure their business within the confines of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In Wisconsin, we have assisted the receiver in a financial advisory role under the Chapter 128 statute. Additionally, our experienced team has helped senior lenders, creditors and business owners maximize the value of an estate through an orderly liquidation process. Regardless of the difficult insolvency circumstances your company faces, Silverman Consulting has the best resources available to help everyone involved.

Our team of seasoned professionals have a vast array of experience handling tough insolvency situations. At Silverman Consulting, our skilled consultants are prepared to assist your company with the following initiatives:

  • Chapter 128 (Wisconsin)
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Orderly Liquidation
  • Receivership