In order for a company to prosper over the long run, it must have proper direction from the top ranks of the organization. This direction comes in the form of strategic insight, financial planning and operational analysis, which is conducted to help improve the profitability of the company. Often times, a company is persuaded to change its management team in order to appease stakeholders or by necessity due to voluntary departure. Regardless of the circumstances, our experienced consultants at Silverman Consulting can fill this void and provide the immediate assistance you need to run your company more effectively and efficiently.

As interim CEO, we can help realign human and financial resources to create better returns for stakeholders. As interim CFO, we can provide a financial road map through budgeting, forecasting and cash flow initiatives to help your company increase profitability. As an interim Board member, we can challenge current business decisions and hold people accountable for those decisions. Irrespective of the specific role, we take a hands-on, tactical approach to identifying problems and figuring out creative solutions to fix those issues. As an interim member of your team, we can leverage our diverse expertise in resource management and financial planning to create the synergies and efficiencies your organization urgently needs.

While we often serve in a CEO, CFO or Board capacity during our normal engagements, here are a few specific instances where we were installed as an interim member of your team.

  • Interim CEO at a mid-size construction and roofing firm.
  • Interim CFO at a mid-size regional bank.
  • Interim Board member at a large commercial and residential moving company.