In today’s business world of increasing complexity and market uncertainty, companies face a growing number of new and unprecedented challenges. Whether facing these challenges today or in the future, a sound analysis and understanding of your organization’s liquidity needs is vital to its continued success. Often times analyzing past trends and liquidity demands can help better position an organization for the hurdles they face ahead. In addition to an accurate understanding of future performance, an organization should understand and consider the various pathways available to meet its liquidity demands. The proper solution may exist via modification of existing operations, refinancing of current debt/liquidity sources, or in the form of a debt or equity infusion. Given the complexity of options to consider, a firm can benefit greatly from an outside advisor to help them create the proper strategic plan.

Since it’s founding almost 40 years ago, Silverman Consulting has worked with hundreds of clients to assist them in understanding and improving liquidity. Whether helping to provide clarity of an organization’s current needs or preparing reliable projections to uncover potential needs in the future, Silverman Consulting has extensive experience assisting clients in many disciplines. Whether or not your organization currently has an established set of liquidity management tools, Silverman Consulting can provide valuable assistance in developing and refreshing these liquidity strategies in order to improve profitability and withstand cash-related shortages.