Whether your Company is comfortably profitable or in dire need of change, Silverman Consulting can be relied upon to quickly assess your business and recommend appropriate changes. We review all layers of the organization, from back-office support functions to the plant floor, in order to identify areas in need of improvement. Given the vast amount of financial resources and human capital dedicated to the production of goods and services, there are many ways we can assist your company. Our experienced team has a deep understanding of operational metrics and procedures as well as the financial acumen to accompany any strategic plan to ensure success. Depending on the industry, product or service, the metrics we address will fluctuate. However, one goal remains clear - immediately improve profitability.

Our team works directly with management to identify synergies, cost reduction initiatives, revenue enhancement opportunities and proper allocation of human capital. Our process begins with fact gathering as we seek to intimately understand your business and processes. Our goal is preserve the culture and identity of your product or service while finding a more cost effective production or implementation solution. Shortly after we know the financial and operational landscape of your company, we work with management to identify solutions that will create operational efficiencies. We aim to create sustainable, systemic changes in your business that will allow you to become more profitable than before.

We find the following tools extremely helpful when conducting operational improvement exercises:

  • Financial budget or projections to provide road map to profitability.
  • Dashboard of important metrics (measure actual results against goal).
  • Steering committee to review operational results and diagnose issues.
  • Process map that identifies tasks and timing of implementation.
  • Variable contribution analysis by customer, job or machine.
  • Organizational chart to properly allocate human capital.
  • Other operational or finance items that will inform decision makers.