Silverman Consulting has a deep respect for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who have been able to turn their vision into reality and grow a sustainable business. These are the type of people who make our country great. Regardless of whether a company is profitable or under performing, every business owner could stand to make more money. 

We understand a company is the sum of all the decisions stakeholders make as they attempt to create a successful enterprise. These decisions include which customers or products to pursue, which machines to buy, how many people to hire, and how much debt to take on. The culmination of all these decisions either puts the company in a great position for sustainable success or leaves areas that need to be improved to ensure viability down the road.

Silverman Consulting develops a strong rapport with the management team to identify those aspects of the business that are operating effectively and which ones need to be refined. If your company is asking questions like the ones below, our services can be helpful to help improve profitability. 

  • Was a customer or a product priced low to land the deal and now it is time to ask for a price increase?
  • Do you feel like your competitors have better margins and you need to analyze how to reduce material, labor or overhead costs?
  • Was a decision made to expand into a region or a line of business only to find that the opportunity did not materialize as expected?

To the extent a realignment of the business can enhance profitability, Silverman Consulting is fully committed to making sure all stakeholders win. The Silverman team uses its independence to critically think through the facts with management. Our process allows us to work with those facts to develop a strategy to improve the overall business model and allow the company to enhance profits. In many cases, this allows us to also simplify the business.