When a company is thinking about selling itself to another entity, they usually hire a M&A sell-side advisor to help them accomplish this task. The sell-side advisor will help ownership get the most for their business by outlining all the steps a company should take prior to and throughout a transaction. Since Silverman Consulting's focus is deeply rooted in profitability improvements and value maximization, we can give you all the tools and insight you need to increase profitability and cash flow in order to receive the best asking price possible. In addition, our skilled consultants will also create a valuation analysis to show what we think the company is worth as well as market the company for sale. Through our vast network of contacts and our database resources, we feel confident we will bring the best buyers to the table. Given our unique understanding of company financials, Silverman Consulting can configure the best possible deal structure to maximize value in any transaction.

Silverman Consulting has assisted a number of our advisory and restructuring clients with the sale of their businesses. We are proud of our successes helping our clients realize additional value through the sale of their company for the best possible price.