Silverman Consulting professionals have worked with hundreds of owners and management teams to create a realistic vision of the future, translate that vision into defined goals and objectives, and develop a precise action plan by which to execute the steps necessary to achieve those goals.  The key in any strategic plan is to keep it focused and drive discipline and accountability to ensure proper execution- Silverman Consulting can provide that guidance.

Our team looks for items like unexplained swings in year-over-year gross profit margins or significant impacts from non-recurring events that may distort overall business performance. We can also assist when management has been overly optimistic in the past and ownership wants to be sure the projections are achievable. When an acquisition is contemplated, an independent third-party review to validate a set of projections is absolutely necessary and can certainly help as due diligence support if debt financing is part of the transaction.

Silverman Consulting will ensure that the review is conducted properly and even provide recommendations on items that may present risk to the plan. If the main goal is to understand the key business drivers, the risks to the plan, and to sensitize the results to determine what the impact might be based on a more conservative set of facts, then Silverman Consulting can help you achieve that goal. Our focus is to get under the hood of the operations, figure out what makes the business tick and identify the key economic factors that drive the historical and/or forecasted earnings. We can do this efficiently and effectively and present our findings in understandable business terminology for all parties involved.

We offer this service because in speaking with lenders, owners, and private equity companies, we heard that they just want to understand the business facts and risks. This is the basis of everything we do at Silverman Consulting, and our validation reports have been well-received in the industry.