Does your company fall into a unique product or service category? Are your policies and business practices unlike any other firm you can think of? Is your problem too small or too complex that you don’t know who to talk to? Rather than let your company be buried like a diamond in the rough, involve a seasoned professional to help unearth those issues that plague your firm in order to make your company more profitable. At Silverman Consulting, we can help you assess your issues, regardless of size or complexity, in order to find the right solution.

Regardless of whether you are a sole proprietor, an owner of an LLC or part of a larger corporation, Silverman Consulting has a team of experienced consultants ready to help your business. After all, we are unique too. Our people come from many different backgrounds, like big-4 accounting and consulting firms as well as past executive management from outside companies like metal fabricators, printing, industrial products and manufactured consumer goods. The knowledge we bring with us from our experiences running those companies helps us be more effective with our clients.