Financial stability is key in the ever-changing world of chemical and life sciences.  Companies in the biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical fields are facing increased regulatory, supply chain and research and development challenges that must be overcome by focusing on the proper strategic initiatives. Whether it’s acquiring sufficient capital to weather long research and development periods, managing operational initiatives or evaluating partnerships and acquisitions, chemical & life sciences companies are feeling an increasing need to establish, maintain and improve their financial capabilities.

Frequently, both established and growth-focused companies need to be connected to financing sources. Their operations must be meticulously managed to ensure that current capital levels can cover company expenditures from the developmental stages through to revenue recognition and beyond.

Silverman Consulting excels in liquidity planning, organizational restructuring and creating additional operational efficiencies to maximize the value of your firm. Furthermore, our skilled team of consultants have extensive experience generating maximum market value from the valuable products and innovations our clients have created.