The technology industry is responsible for the manufacture of electronics, creation of software, computers and providing services related to information technology. Frequently, the creation and release of new products within the sector sets and resets the bar in a world already full of ideas and innovation. Recently, the technology industry has seen substantial new ideas and products enter the market which has spurred an increase in market competition, such as smart phones and tablets, cloud computing and enterprise software-as-a-service. Manufacturers and developers are feeling this pressure as they are forced to cut margins and profitability in order to survive.

The technology industry has recently experienced a period of substantial growth and continues to face difficult challenges. Navigating these pressures can be an extremely burdensome responsibility.  Silverman Consulting has worked with numerous clients in the technology space to ensure they have a prosperous future.  Over the course of the last 40 years, our consultants have provided assistance in many areas, including the development of pricing strategies, supply chain analyses, cost reduction initiatives, debt restructurings, refinancing initiatives, liquidity plans and strategic mergers.  As companies within the technology industry continue to face these market pressures, utilizing the guidance of an industry professional such as Silverman Consulting can be of great assistance.